This series will consist of 7 drawings by Artist, David Case, Great Grandson of Legendary Oklahoma State University Mascot Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton and the Traditions that he started that are still around today. The remaining pieces will be released when available.

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The First piece of the series is titled, “The Legend and the Legacy”. This depicts the artist’s Great Grandfather “The Legend” Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton wearing his caricature likeness and “Legacy”, “Pistol Pete”. Oklahoma State’s beloved mascot.


The second piece of the series is titled “Pistols Firing”, this depicts Frank “Pistol Pete’ Eaton on his horse {Back Dog} with pistol drawn and firing. From 1928 until 1957 Grandpa Eaton would ride his horse across the football field firing his colt 45 pistols after each Oklahoma State touchdown. Today this tradition has carried on with Bullet and the Spirit Rider.


The Third piece of the series is titled “Face to Face”. The inspiration for this drawing came to me after reading a letter from the President of Oklahoma State to my Grandmother, {Frank Eaton’s oldest child} dated January 23, 1958. The letter in part read: Ethel, Frank still doesn’t know or suspect anything about the Mascot Head were having constructed, to honor him we will bring him out to the fifty-yard line in the center field during Homecoming celebrations and introduce him to himself. The band, media and the Collegiate Sports Association to will be there and we will officially make him/likeness the Official mascot for Oklahoma State. This drawing depicts a scheduled moment in time that never happened. In 1956 the plans for the original Mascot Head {the Pete Head or Big Head} resembling grandpa’s likeness was put into action with the debut for Homecoming 1958. In April 1959 my Papa passed away at 97 years of age. Never knowing that his likeness would become the infamous icon of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. To create the mascot, I took a piece of every Mascot and built what you see. “Face to Face” is my way of honoring and personally thanking every individual that has worn the “Big Head” and kept the spirit of my Papa alive.

Shotgun, The Last Ride.png

The Fourth piece of the series is titled “Shotgun, The Last Ride”. This drawing depicts the last time that my Great Grandfather was at Oklahoma State. During halftime festivities, Homecoming 1957, my Great Grandfather rode on top of a Butterfield Overland Stagecoach, firing a Double Barrel Shotgun while moving at top speed across and around the football field. Grandpa Eaton continued to fire the shotgun after each Oklahoma State score for the rest of the game. Today the Shotgun is fired after every Oklahoma State score.


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