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Artist David Case is a lifelong self taught artist, raised in Oklahoma. David began his earliest works drawing cartoons and race cars for fellow elementary school students. Around the age of  8, David was commissioned by West Nichols Hills Elementary School (Oklahoma City Public School District) to draw something depicting the signs of the times. In 2006, David retired from the Department of Homeland Security. Throughout his 30 plus year career as a Senior Special Agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) David never stopped drawing or creating new works of art using various mediums and was continuously honing his artistic skills and techniques, shortly after retirement, David entered the art field as a full time artist.

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As a self-taught artist, David  recognizes the gift he has been given to recreate the visions that grace his mind. He has an endless source of images that flow from within his mind and heart to the medium in front of him. In fact, David has been known to say “Our Heart and Soul create the illusions in our mind.”

In addition to his life as an artist, David is first and foremost proud of his Oklahoma heritage. David Case is the Great Grand son of Frank Pistol Pete Eaton.

You will definitely want to meet David and make a friend whom you will find to be one of the most unique, fun, creative, individuals that will add so much color to your life.


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